CVCA’s Feline Atenolol Study for Survival Benefits of Treatment

CVCA, the largest Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist group in the country with nine locations: Annapolis, MD; Frederick, MD; Gaithersburg, MD; Rockville, MD; Leesburg, VA; Richmond, VA; Springfield, VA; and Vienna, VA is conducting a new Feline Patient Atenolol study.

CVCA is actively enrolling feline patients, with newly diagnosed hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, in a study designed to substantiate our belief that treatment with the beta-blocker atenolol benefits this subset of patients.

For any feline patients that fulfill the inclusion criteria, we will be obtaining baseline levels of NT-proBNP and cardiac troponin I and assessing that effect of the administration of atenolol on the level of these important indices of myocardial stress and cell death over 6 months.

Our working hypothesis is that these cardiac biomarkers will improve with the administration of atenolol and further validate its use in patients with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. The biomarkers are important prognosticators in both human and veterinary cardiology. If the hypothesis is validated, it will provide a platform for more in-depth analysis of the survival benefits of treatment.

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