Mina Fies
5/02/2022 - Facebook

The entire staff was incredible and the doctor was extremely thorough and caring. Can't recommend CVCA enough!

Marilyn M.
5 star rating
5/02/2022 - Yelp

CVCA got me in quickly, and I left the appointment with a concrete diagnosis and next steps. I had a good experience here and would recommend.

Vicki Hite Martin
4/28/2022 - Facebook

What a great place. They did a great job, explained everything as the exam went along and my dog was very comfortable with everyone that worked with him. Highly recommend.

Katie Wells Heflin
4/27/2022 - Facebook

Amazing job to staff that helped with Shea! Everyone was so kind and I really appreciated that! I love that Dr. Boorstein took extra time to make sure he got the right pictures of my pups heart. He was so caring. I also loved that everyone was honest and straight to the point!

Robert LaPaglia
4/23/2022 - Facebook

Dr Everett and her staff are excellent. I had to take my dog, Pixie, to them after a concerning heart condition was discovered by my regular veterinarian. Dr Everett had a diagram and drew out the issues that Pixie has while she explained them to me. I had her results emailed over less than an hour later with great detail. They staff is very responsive to my email questions. 5 stars to everyone I’ve dealt with at CVCA.

Elizabeth Swift
4/22/2022 - Facebook

They were wonderful! I highly recommend them for your pet’s cardiac needs. Dr. Andrie was amazing. Very informative, personable, and knowledgable. All the ladies who helped me were very kind. I was nervous and they made me feel much better. Thank you guys!!!

Shira Chaya Cat
4/21/2022 - Facebook

Excellent care - both for my kitty and me! Very compassionate and knowledgeable.

Jamie H.
5 star rating
4/20/2022 - Yelp

Great over all experience with kind and compassionate staff. Dr. Andrie gave me a detailed explanation of procedures completed in the office as well as how care for my pup should be managed and what to expect in response to treatment. Dr. Andrie clearly cared about my puppy and was kind, warm and compassionate. she took her time explaining everything to me and made sure that I didn't have any more questions and encouraged me to call if I did think of any.

Nell P.
5 star rating
4/20/2022 - Yelp

Terrific! I've taken many pets to SouthPaws/CVCA over the years and have always been impressed with every aspect of the experience. The front desk staff, techs and vets are without exception knowledgeable, efficient, compassionate and patient. I'm always told what to expect, what it's likely to cost and what the next steps are. Everything is explained in terms I can understand and they take the time to answer my questions without making me feel rushed. I'm so thankful to know that I can rely on SouthPaws/CVCA when my pets need the care of specialists. Thank you!

Jessica L.
5 star rating
4/19/2022 - Yelp

Came in for an echocardiogram for my dog Dusty. Dusty and I appreciated the compassionate and informative care during our visit! Danielle handled our patient intake and she was very friendly and nice to Dusty. Dr. Holdt was also friendly and explained what would happen during today's visit. She explained everything we were looking at while performing the echocardiogram. I appreciated her thoughtful explanations and left the appointment feeling better about Dusty and his health. Overall very pleased with the compassionate care provided by all the staff during our appointment!

Lisa P.
5 star rating
4/17/2022 - Yelp

I appreciate Dr. Peckens and the staff. My cat decided he did not want to eat and was slightly unwell so he did not have his usual Gabepentan. I brought him in anyway in order to avoid having to reschedule and both the vet and the tech were so skillful they were able to perform the echocardiogram with minimal stress to my cat. They also also to do blood draw to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with my cat. They cared about my cat.

Joann Cissell Hasch
4/14/2022 - Facebook

Dr Bell was great with my Doxie Macy grace! Macy was very relaxed. The staff was awesome as well! Dr Bell explain everything to me about her tests etc answers to all my questions I had. They all were very caring in a time my anxiety was high and my fears were real. They gave excellent care to my Doxie and gave me great news that Macy heart was normal size and functional and was not in CHF! Best day ever!

Deanna K.
5 star rating
4/12/2022 - Yelp

It's great to have access to an excellent veterinary cardiologist! Dr. Katie Meier is always thorough and answers my many questions in detail (much appreciated.) The staff is so sweet with my dogs.

Roxanne Gleason Shupe
4/11/2022 - Facebook

Highly recommend!! They made an appointment for my cat even when all the slots were filled. Dr. Everett and her team were awesome with Carl. They showed great patience and great bedside manner. 😊

Julie C.
5 star rating
4/11/2022 - Yelp

My cat is easily stressed and scared, and the appointment went as well as it possibly could due to the warm environment at CVCA. Dr. Everett explained everything in depth, and she and the whole staff were patient, calm, and gentle. Highly recommended.

Jimi P.
5 star rating
4/08/2022 - Yelp

I appreciate the experience I had and felt seen, heard, and most importantly, my dog was handled with care and concern. The information that was given to me was very helpful and eased my worries. the kindness and caring I felt for my dog and myself during a nervous time of what protentional heart issues she may have.

Teresa Gieschen
4/05/2022 - Facebook

I just returned from our first appointment at CVCA for my 16 month old boxer who has PS. We’ve visited a vet school teaching Hospital initially and what I love at CVCA I love is the continuity of care ( SO IMPORTANT with chronic illness),I see a cardiologist every time and lucky us - the same cardiologist. For the first time Christa was not anesthetized for her echocardiogram which is easier on her. Thanks Louisville CVCA.

Candice M Krumrine
4/01/2022 - Facebook

I made my first appointment with CVCA for today with 4 of my many bengals for their HCM screens. They were super nice and very professional. It was a great experience for not only me but my cats as well. It’s great to actually see them in action after referring many clients here from my job (Mid Atlantic Vet Hospital). I will continue to refer patients here and highly recommend them. Looking forward to my future appointments!

Anne P.
5 star rating
3/25/2022 - Yelp

That the vet was willing to work with me to not have to do all of the gold standard items. I did not want to feel like I was too cheap to get an echocardiogram, but I was concerned that perhaps it wasn't necessary since his disease is advanced. She recommended an x-ray instead and we got the information we needed to move forward. Much appreciated. She also clearly explained his deteriorating condition.

Ronda H.
5 star rating
3/24/2022 - Yelp

I was very thankful for the care my Robby received and the fact that we were treated with such kindness. Dr. B reviewed over everything with me while they were checking his heart and went over what we an do to keep him doing great. Thank you for making a concerning time a blessing.

Sev McCallum
3/22/2022 - Facebook

Every experience I have had with them has been fantastic! They are efficient, friendly, and they treat my baby boy like the floofy angel he is! 😻

Sheryl B.
5 star rating
3/22/2022 - Yelp

Highly recommended for cardiac care The echo went smoothly. Everyone took good care of Milly and I received the results promptly.

Ann H.
5 star rating
3/21/2022 - Yelp

I was very impressed with the care for my cat Hadley. It was easy to schedule an appointment though the wait time to get an appointment was longer than desired. The service was great. I was very pleased with the thorough verbal report given by Dr. Peckens right after the procedure.

Kris J.
5 star rating
3/19/2022 - Yelp

CVCA Leesburg are the best! They have been seeing our cat for a couple of years and they have provided him with the best care, managing his heart disease and extending the time we get to spend with him.

Mako Landshark
3/18/2022 - Facebook

If your pet has a cardiac problem, this is the team to go to. We are so lucky to have so many experts available nearby.

Elizabeth U.
5 star rating
3/12/2022 - Yelp

Although Minnie's diagnosis was very hard to hear, I was thankful for the care and understanding afforded to me by Dr. Lindholm and everyone I interacted with. The tech waited in the freezing cold for some landscapers to move along so we could get Minnie out of my vehicle without stress. Then she carried her in as requested. Highly recommend!!

S B.
5 star rating
3/11/2022 - Yelp

Very happy that there is a good cardiac care vet in Austin! I'm very happy with the thoroughness of the exams, and the care my kitty gets. Everyone is friendly, wait time is never more than 5 minutes and today's appointment was very quick, which is great for us, because my kitty hates the crate and car, the sooner we get home the better 🙂 thank you for what you do! I'm glad you are still following covid safety measures as well.

Leigh Hittner Liesemer
3/10/2022 - Facebook

What an incredible veterinary practice! The facility is wonderful, the staff is caring and kind and professional. And Dr. Tyrrell is fabulous. He is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, and explains things so you can understand. He doesn’t make you feel rushed and will answer any questions. I’m so grateful for such excellent care!

Greg A.
5 star rating
3/09/2022 - Yelp

My niece is an emergency vet in another state. I trust and value her opinion. She was extremely pleased when she found out my dog, Oliver, was going to CVCA for his cardiac care. She completely agreed with his medications and treatments. She told me how much she respects CVCA. This was very comforting to hear. Also, I was given detailed, written instructions which included each medication my dog was to take, dosages, and follow up details. I have referred back to these instructions many times and appreciate how the letter was organized!

Chelsea A.
5 star rating
3/07/2022 - Yelp

They were amazing to work with and my cat, Oliver, got wonderful attention. He was being tested for a heart murmur. The entire process took less than 20 minutes and I got a very thorough/educational summary of his heart health. All of the staff were very friendly and sweet.

Justa Diver
3/04/2022 - Facebook

We visited CVCA for the first time today for my 19yo cat, The Shitten. They were FANTASTIC. I was a mess and they took the time to answer all of my questions and treated her like she was their own. Luckily, they were able to give me great news and Shitten is not in heart failure! They get 5/5 stars!

Marylin Kauffman Kerns
3/04/2022 - Facebook

We’ve been coming to CVCA with different cats over the years. Dr. Tyrell is the best! He is thorough, professional, compassionate and explains everything so that you understand it! All of his staff is friendly and professional, too. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Marylin K.
5 star rating
3/04/2022 - Yelp

Everyone that we've dealt with at CVCA has always been courteous and helpful. The quality care we've received for all of the cats we've had to bring to CVCA and Dr. Tyrell's compassion and expertise in dealing with them has been great! Highly recommended!

Mariah Ramirez
3/01/2022 - Facebook

It was a great visit and I really enjoyed the cardiologist and the care she exhibited for my pet. I know that they created a calm and welcoming environment because my pet was happy and not distressed. The cardiologist took the time to answer all of my questions and ease my concerns.

Julie H.
5 star rating
3/01/2022 - Yelp

I am pleased with the care my dog received today. The staff took the time and gave the attention needed to make sure I was informed and my pet received the best care.

Kathy Saunders Stowell
2/28/2022 - Facebook

Excellent experience! Dr. Boorstin explained my pet's condition in a way that I could clearly understand, and I appreciate his willingness to answer my questions. He did not make me feel rushed. Two thumbs up!

Kathy S.
5 star rating
2/28/2022 - Yelp

Excellent experience! Dr. Boorstin explained my pet's condition in a way that I could clearly understand, and I appreciate his willingness to answer my questions. He did not make me feel rushed. Two thumbs up!

Lyn Drake
2/23/2022 - Facebook

Took my Maine Coons here for their heart echos. Very caring and professional team. I will recommend to others!

Marj Plumb
2/23/2022 - Facebook

Great service! Dr. Savino communicated to me in plain english about my furry friend's heart. I felt totally knowledgable at the end of the call. Perfect!

Brenda Dever-Armstrong
2/21/2022 - Facebook

Professional, extremely knowledgeable in the cardiac area. Staff and physician in constant contact with us throughout the entire testing. The physicians contacted us immediately after the appt (wait in car as they take the COVID -19 seriously)....went over the entire Cardiac report. They contacted our Vet and forwarded the recommendations immediately. Quick follow up in two weeks. Emails questionnaire for any current updates on our dog's health. I would rate them a star of 20 ! Very impressed and answered all our questions. Highly recommend!

Sally J.
5 star rating
2/21/2022 - Yelp

I have now had to take my second Bull Terrier here for heart issues, so I have used this practice almost ten years.
The staff is kind, caring and very knowledgeable.
Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the practice is their 24-hour availability. We have called at 10:30 P.M. on a Sunday night and gotten an immediate call back from them instructing us on what we could do to make our dog more comfortable.
This is a wonderful practice.

Crystal A Peterman
2/17/2022 - Facebook

They are a wonderful team of professionals. They took great care with my dog and me and made us a part of the team as well.

Amy S.
5 star rating
2/16/2022 - Yelp

I'm so appreciative of Dr. Boyd and the staff at CVCA for for taking such good care of my sweet pup. Dr. Boyd is so knowledgeable, caring, and took so much time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and candidly. I especially appreciated him explaining my dog's test results and his approach to my dog's care, not just telling me what her treatment would be. His bedside manner was excellent - I never felt rushed or like my questions were bothersome at all. I would recommend him and CVCA without hesitation.

T Hamboyan Harrison
2/15/2022 - Facebook

Really knowledgeable vets & staff who make an extra effort for cats to feel comfortable during appointments and exams

Sonya M.
5 star rating
2/15/2022 - Yelp

Great experience from start to finish. The staff and vet were very friendly, they were efficient so we didn't have to wait long (unusual during COVID) and Dr. Miller was very nice and knowledgeable and sent the needed info to our primary care vet immediately.

Bonnie Hensley
2/14/2022 - Facebook

This group saved my Mose. They are there night and day. There have been medication changes late at night. They have listened and have shown such patience with an owner that is in panic mode. They have calmed me and help correct his health issues.
I know my boy is frail but they have not given up on him. Today makes a year and he is still going. Thank you to the doctors and the staff at CVCA.
Happy Valentines Day❤️🐾

Angela McAdams Fuller-Wigg
2/11/2022 - Facebook

I am very grateful Dr. Lindholm's incredibly kind and compassionate communication as she had to give me unfortunate news. She was informative and answered all of my questions, as well as gave additional support that I consider above and beyond.

Cheryl Davis
2/07/2022 - Facebook

A good experience at a difficult time. compassionate approach on all levels and each interaction. Good explanation of issues being dealt with.

Katrina S.
5 star rating
2/06/2022 - Yelp

Highly recommend going here! Every person working at CVCA/Pet ER were amazing! From the front desk to the vet assistants, nurses, DVMs and cardiologists, everyone was helpful and team oriented.

Greg B.
5 star rating
2/05/2022 - Yelp

Simply put, the care you and your pet will receive at CVCA is SECOND TO NONE!!! Not only the highest level of medical expertise but an unparalleled level of personal caring. Dr. Cober & Dr. Hickey have been caring for my dogs for the last several years...which is years longer than most dogs with similar heart conditions live. The entire staff at CVCA has been polite & courteous. Always prompt to respond by phone & email. Always there when needed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Amy Martin
2/02/2022 - Facebook

It's only been 2 weeks since our first appointment with CVCA, but my overall experience so far has been very positive. CVCA has done an excellent job of following up with me to see how my dog did with the start of multiple meds and are very quick to respond when I have questions. I very much appreciated the full summary of diagnosis and care plan that was provided to me after the initial appointment. It is very helpful to have everything in writing. I'm not sure how much longer we have with our dear boxer boy, but I feel very comfortable having his treatment managed by the team at CVCA.

Eugene T.
5 star rating
2/01/2022 - Yelp

Quality care for my dog .Thorough explanations of diagnostics and treatment.

Danielle C.
5 star rating
1/31/2022 - Yelp

CVCA is always caring towards me and my pet. Dr. Bordelon's clear language in explaining what is happening with our fur baby is much appreciated.

Gregg Sheibley
1/29/2022 - Facebook

we are so grateful to have stumbled on to CVCA and Dr. Shih. Pay her do not want to lose! I know we would not have Leo today without the both of you. Thank you!

Rena R.
5 star rating
1/29/2022 - Yelp

I trust Dr. Tyrell explicitly and feel beyond fortunate to have such a fabulous specialty veterinarian so close to where I live.

stacy s.
5 star rating
1/28/2022 - Yelp

Staff was very friendly, caring and professional. Doctor was very thorough and clear in his explanations. It took awhile to get an appointment but everything ran really smoothly. Check in was easy and the staff did a great job explaining what I could expect from the appointment.

Rachel P.
5 star rating
1/26/2022 - Yelp

Everyone here is outstanding. The vets are extremely caring and knowledgeable; they explain everything to you in person, and then follow up with detailed written reports. (I was especially impressed to learn that they were a key contributor in some widely-published scientific studies linking grain-free dog foods to certain canine heart issues that have gained traction in recent years.) They also work with my primary vet and all of our other specialists in the Leesburg area (Old Mill Veterinary Hospital, VSC, TOS, & the on-site emergency center). The staff is also very accommodating with appointment scheduling & follow-up communications. Because of CVCA, we have been able to extend the life of our senior Bostie for months if not years. Thank you for all you do!!

Kelley Hoggatt Perry
1/22/2022 - Facebook

I would recommend CVCA to anyone who has a pet needing cardiac care. Dr Julie Andrie and the Vet Tech were very professional, communicated with us very well,and treated our pet with care. CVCA is top notch!

Edward L Conley Jr
1/20/2022 - Facebook

Excellent care and treatment. Completeness of treatment explanation; explanation of future expectations; care and treatment of pet

Laine Bartlett-Cistulli
1/19/2022 - Facebook

They treated my little girl with compassion. They were so kind to me and so gentle with her. The doctor was thorough as well and patient with me and my questions.