Kara Lee Dawson Pollock
1/31/2023 - Facebook
Nobody wants to go to a cardiologist for their pet but I have felt so supported by CVCA. They are quick to respond to my myriad of questions and were factual but caring in providing the diagnoses and treatment options. I truly feel the care they have for my cat, Greta.
Samantha Reckson
1/31/2023 - Facebook
Everyone in this clinic was so kind and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable and explained everything, and took great care of my cat! Highly recommend.
Roberta Warren
1/30/2023 - Facebook
Dr. Weidman, Kay, Courtney, and CVCA staff are the most caring, attentive group of people. They worked diligently with my mastiff for over a year. I am forever grateful to them for going above and beyond to give my boy the highest quality of life. ❤️
Jan Edwards
1/25/2023 - Facebook
Dr. Cober takes great care of my miniature poodle who is 14 years old. I am so very grateful that he is his cardiologist. Dr. Cober is brilliant, professional, kind and gentle.
Tonya Anderson
1/23/2023 - Facebook
I was very impressed by the quality of service & the expertise in pet cardiac care. Bentley went from a 2 day stay in urgent care to CVCA Vienna, Dr. Neal Peckens was excellent, he is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable & took time to answer all of my questions (and I had many). Bentley is feeling much better on the medications & I look forward to working with CVCA to make the rest of his life a happy one.
Brandy Lynn Fonville
1/19/2023 - Facebook
The vet was very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly and we were able to clarify Betsy's heart condition in order to make other healthcare decisions for her such as anesthesia for a dental. Everybody was very kind to Betsy.
Amanda Schlotterbeck
1/13/2023 - Facebook
Dr. Cober and Sara took such great of Bunker today. They took the time and explained everything. Everyone at CVCA Annapolis are amazing!! Top quality patient care. I can not thank them enough for such great care of my big boy! Bunker loves you all!
Libby Bittman
12/23/2022 - Facebook
Dr. Pouliot and her team of wonderful and caring technicians are absolutely incredible! They took the most amazing care of my sweet Bogey and I cannot recommend this facility enough. Thank you all for truly providing best in class service and attention. Bogey and I are so grateful! ❤️
Donna M Talla
12/18/2022 - Facebook
Professional , caring and excellent care .
JoAnn L Davis
12/18/2022 - Facebook
The team at this facility is amazing. We can’t say enough about them. Not only is our kitty getting great care, but so are we. Simply put, they’re the BEST. Thanks for all you do for our fur babies.
Jenn Monshaugen
11/30/2022 - Facebook
Our sweet 12 year old boxer had a great experience at CVCA. Everyone who worked with him was so friendly and helpful. They were patient with my questions and took great care of our guy. 💙🐶
Anne Bertinuson
11/30/2022 - Facebook
I appreciate having this high level of care easily available. I was pleased by Dr. Schmitt's clear description of findings and their meanings without talking down to me.
Mary Chrusciel
11/29/2022 - Facebook
THE best and only place to take your pet for cardiac care.
Laurie Marchini
11/22/2022 - Facebook
Wonderful, kind, compassionate care. I've had cardiac issues with two dogs now and both vets (Jim Taylor and Brett Boorstin) have been awesome - to both my dog and to me. Can't say enough nice things about them. Dr. Boorstin always explains things very well and everyone is so kind. They are very considerate and genuinely seem to appreciate and consider my dog's personality. Also, there is never a long wait. 🙂 Thanks so much!
April Holcomb
11/17/2022 - Facebook
I was very pleased with the service from the first phone call to set up the appointment to the visit yesterday, Everyone was very nice and helpful. Dr. Pouliot and staff were awesome with my boy Aspen, and with explaining everything to me. I felt welcomed from the moment I got there. All the communications on the phone were pleasant and the staff was amazing. I would definitely recommend to others.
Diane Breidenstein
11/16/2022 - Facebook
The experience has been excellent. My dog received compassionate and competent care. Dr. Sara Beth Bordelon takes time to explain all the issues so that an informed decision can be made about next steps for care. The staff is friendly and accommodating--I highly recommend this practice.
Franco Frisone
11/11/2022 - Facebook
I was very thankful for all the expertise, knowledge, thorough exam and ultrasound testing of my dog's heart. Staff was great and I felt we were taken care of well. The only thing I'd say is that the $780 price tag for an ultrasound seems WAY too expensive to me, but perhaps that is the going rate. I was able to witness the test and see the imaging along with the doctor during the test, which was fantastic. I really learned a lot. I really appreciate what those folks do at CVCA of Towson. Highly recommend them.
Rebecca Rowe
11/11/2022 - Facebook
The staff are very friendly and kind. It was a great experience from the beginning with scheduling the appointment through the end of the visit. It was a long drive to get there but one I will gladly continue to make so my little one can be cared for by CVCA. Thankful for all you do and the wonderful care you provide!
Jason Shirey
11/11/2022 - Facebook
They have been helping me manage my pup’s heart failure for a little over a year. They’re patient with my questions and always respond quickly. I can’t recommend this place enough.
Michelle Miller
11/10/2022 - Facebook
I'm so thankful for CVCA. Drs Osenkamp, Tyrell, Pasieka, and Jacob all are exceptional. I've had 3 cats that have required care and evaluation with them. One cat we lost to a genetic heart disease- but there care and guidance along the way surely helped prolong Brady's life. My other two ( one being the littermate of the one who passed)- thankfully will live for many more years due to again the expertise of these doctors and their warm-hearted staff.
Heather Robinson Davis
11/08/2022 - Facebook
Excellent! Dr. Ostenkamp was super friendly and knowledgeable but explained things well so I understood my pet's diagnosis, what it means, and our plan going forward. She was also very thorough when reading my pet's general vet records and contacted me later in the day to follow up with questions.
Môh Âh Gîh
11/04/2022 - Facebook
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Nicolette Avril Ulrich
11/02/2022 - Facebook
I’m beyond grateful for their services, availability and level of care. I was able to be with my cat every step of the way and they were more than informative. Perfectly compassionate and understanding and me and my cat were in and out in no time but not without feeling like he’d genuinely been paid attention to and taken care of.
Tryon Rd. Cary NC
Ashley Sharpe, DVM
Linda Miller
10/25/2022 - Facebook
Wonderful team!!
Dr Cain is the top cardiologist in the US. I have several kitties who have ❤️conditions and they are thriving under his care. It is worth the wait to have him treat your FURmily members for quality life.
He is a vet’s vet. My other GP vets take their own kitties to him for ❤️conditions.
Patricia Sullivan
10/20/2022 - Facebook
CVCA provided us outstanding care and communication!! Amy and Dr. Savino were so kind and gentle with Bissell and involved me in the entire process. Dr. Savino is excellent at explaining what the results were and what to expect going forward. I greatly appreciate the care and expertise CVCA provides!! Thank you!!! Bissell will see you in six months!!
Laurie Karnay
10/19/2022 - Facebook
I have used CVCA before and Lifecare (opthamalogy) for other cats over the years and always find the staff friendly and professional along with excellent veterinary care for my cats.
Genice Mancini
10/07/2022 - Facebook
My dog was experiencing life threatening heart and lung disease in April and was seen here. Now in October she is doing much better. I feel very confident that she is receiving quality cardiac care at CVCA. I'm relieved knowing that their treatment plan is working. Care shown by the doctor was excellent. She explained everything to me very clearly and explained my dog's progress.
Chris Ann Balulis Cleland
10/03/2022 - Facebook
Fantastic doctors and staff. They truly care about their furry and human clients. They also make cardiac tests and results easy to understand.
Chris Ann C.
5 star rating
10/03/2022 - Yelp
Fantastic practice. Compassionate doctors with expert knowledge that is broken down for you to understand. Highly recommend.
Ellie Battaglia
9/29/2022 - Facebook
5 stars!! You guys rock. My cat Duke was seen today for a further work up of his heart disease. As you can see in the picture he had a blast during his echocardiogram thanks to the churro treats they offered! Technician Jillian was friendly and handled my cat gently, and Dr Pouliot was fantastic. Took plenty of time to go over my cats results, she even sat on the floor with us and gave Duke lots of love while we talked. Although it was an emotional visit for us (me! Ha) the staff was so caring and knowledgeable. Excellent patient and client care.
Morgan Zamisa
9/28/2022 - Facebook
It was great having my husband back after separation a year ago this have brought happiness in my life,this have always been what I have always wished for in my life and I got it so easy through the help of
Patrick V.
5 star rating
9/28/2022 - Yelp
We were pleased with all aspects of our visit to CVCA. We liked the way they interacted with our dog Lily (gentle, professional). The vet (Dr. Lindholm) and vet tech (Christa?) were very clear and concise with instructions and diagnosis. Would highly recommend.
Lynn J.
5 star rating
9/28/2022 - Yelp
The staff were friendly and Dr. Rausch was very knowledgeable and nice. I appreciate the time he spent discussing my dog's condition with me.
Jennifer E.
5 star rating
9/22/2022 - Yelp
Dr Bell took the time to explain everything to us. She was attentive and caring. We appreciated it and so did our dog Bacchus.
Kimberly W.
5 star rating
9/13/2022 - Yelp
The staff from the time we entered was attentive & professional. Happy to see that they are mindful that Covid is still about & didn't allow an overflow of people inside. Beau & I did not have a long wait from his appt time at 1:30p. We were 30 mins early & we were informed that we would have that 30 min wait so there wasn't any false expectation of being seen early because we were early. The tech was super nice as well as Dr. Hickey. Communication was excellent! Everything was explained in full before & afterwards. I received Beau's ultrasound report via email by the time we got home to Southern MD from Annapolis. I love that when Beau's appt had to be rescheduled due to a Covid exposure, the assistant got us in for an appt just two weeks later instead of 2-3 more months later. It is also wonderful that they answer the phones & if you have to leave a message, the mailbox isn't full & they actually return your call in a timely manner. The entire experience was awesome inspite of having to wait months for the appt to begin with, but it was understood about post Covid back ups. On top of that, the facility was spotless..., not a piece of fur in sight...not even an animal oder! Too bad Beau's regular vet clinic can't be as on point as CVCA! They were worth the trip & expense with how they handled my fur baby.I will be happy to take Beau back for his heart follow up in a year.
Adam M.
5 star rating
9/13/2022 - Yelp
Thanks so much to the staff! Our dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur and we were mortified at first. We made an appointment immediately and we were seen a few days later.
Our dog is a giant ball of anxiety, and Kristin was so kind to hold her during the echo-cardiogram procedure, just to keep her calm and that is absolutely amazing. Dr. Lindholm also was very kind and caring. She spent time to talk with me to make sure I understood what was going on and that my questions at the time were answered. We had a very good outcome and the staff was very kind to explain what is needed to ensure her to have the best life. The staff was so kind to Hina and I. You all are amazing!
Carol B.
5 star rating
9/09/2022 - Yelp
Best vet appointment I have ever had since COVID and I appreciate actually seeing the vet and activities on the exam --. Being with my pet during process as the vet explained everything as it was done was so wonderful
Jennifer R.
5 star rating
9/08/2022 - Yelp
Everyone was so friendly and kind. They are understanding that this can be a hard visit for you and your pet. You're worried what the evaluation will reveal along with the cost and what this means for your pet. Staff make you feel comfortable and that meant the world to me. I felt like family rather than just another person.
Jennifer S.
5 star rating
9/03/2022 - Yelp
Great place, great doctors . 100% satisfied Explained things in a manner I could understand & reassured me
lisa t.
5 star rating
9/03/2022 - Yelp
We have had 3 furkids need the services at CVCA and they have always provided excellent care! I would highly recommend CVCA . The Drs are so wonderful and the facility is amazing. It is so clean !
Billie Kennedy Heaton
8/31/2022 - Facebook
Our Director of Operations was very impressed on how efficiently your staff worked together and took care of our 3 dogs with such compassion. We are very grateful that you were able to get us in so quickly instead of having to wait 2-3 months on an appointment Appointment time wasn't 2 months away❤️ Billie Heaton, Medical Coordinator Mac's Mission.
Deborah G.
5 star rating
8/31/2022 - Yelp
Excellent care and lovely staff. The fact that Dr. Sorvino listened to my concerns and explained things to me about Lola's care in plain English, as opposed to doctor-speak was wonderful. Everyone was lovely with Lola and showed genuine care.
Scott B.
5 star rating
8/31/2022 - Yelp
My vet at Liberty Falls Vet Clinic detected a heart murmur in my dog when he was 3 months old and referred me to CVCA, specifically Dr. Timothy Cain. The appointment process was easy and efficient from start to finish. Dr Cain and his staff were/are extremely friendly, professional, excellent on communicating, and detail oriented. My puppy was very calm through the appointment due to Dr. Cain and his staff. I was very pleased with my appointment.

Fast forward 4 years later, since my dog is no longer a puppy, my vet recommended another ECG to see any changes on my dog's heart murmur status. Dr. Cain is the first person I thought about. We had our appointment yesterday and were just as pleased as the first visit 4 years ago.

I highly recommend Dr. Timothy Cain at CVCA.
Patricia D.
5 star rating
8/27/2022 - Yelp
We had a very good visit at CVCA, and we were 100% pleased with the services and care. Dr Tyrell is so kind and gentle with our little dog, and he cares deeply about her health and well-being. He is also very thorough.
Melani M.
5 star rating
8/26/2022 - Yelp
Great practice. Expensive, but efficient, clear, compassionate.
Rose Conant
8/25/2022 - Facebook
Good experience and I appreciated the diagnosis and recommendations. Very thorough examination by the doctor and the doctor and technician were very good w/ Heidi.
Louise D.
5 star rating
8/25/2022 - Yelp
Took my dog here for an Echo and I am happy with the service we got. Dr Boorstin is very kind and patient. He took his time to explain everything to me. Staff are all very caring and helpful.
We waited about 6 wks for this appt.

Thank you so much!
Tina Marie
8/24/2022 - Facebook
Dr Welter and her team were excellent with Mia. They took time to explain the proceedure and what we were looking at on the screen, all while trying to relax my little baby. Dr Welter took the time to review Mia's background and listen to our concerns and we didn't feel rushed at all. Thank you for compassion and care given to my little girl, Mia!

By the way, being able to witness the tiny little blood pressure cuff and the patience it took to get her blood pressure on a leg that is about the width of a pencil, and as long as my little finger, was pricessless. Not happy that we NEED a Cardiologist for our baby, but very happy to have the CVCA team with us!
Tina F.
5 star rating
8/24/2022 - Yelp
Dr. Welter and her team were excellent with Mia. They took time to explain the process and what we were looking at on the screen all while trying to relax her at the same time.

They are very personalable and took the time to review Mia's background and listen to our concerns and never rushed us. Thank you for the compassion and care given to my little girl, Mia.
Erin S.
5 star rating
8/23/2022 - Yelp
Always very happy with our care here. Dr Tyrell is always compassionate and thorough!
Kirstyn K.
5 star rating
8/22/2022 - Yelp
My cat has congestive heart failure, and I can't thank the staff at CVCA enough for their ongoing clear communication, responsiveness to any questions I have, great bedside matter, and expertise. Their consistent support is so very much appreciated.
Jessica S.
5 star rating
8/19/2022 - Yelp
We visited for an echo for my cat with a heart murmur.
I was very pleased with the appointment. No wait time, prompt evaluation. Staff were kind and gentle with my cat. The doctor was very thorough and explained everything.
Monica M.
5 star rating
8/19/2022 - Yelp
Genuinely very impressed by the experience I had with CVCA! Pre-appointment communication was prompt and the information provided ahead of the appointment was great.

Was most impressed that there was zero wait time on arrival, we got right into the exam room and got the procedure done very quickly. The techs were great helping to handle my very squirmy cat! Dr. Suess explained everything very well, and the exam notes had been emailed to me by the time I got home. Great experience!
Maricel A Verbeke
8/17/2022 - Facebook
Great experience. Everyone is very friendly and nice. Quick and hassle free service. I really like the exact on time schedule.I highly recommend CVCA NW Austin!
Karen White
8/17/2022 - Facebook
everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. have been twice with 2 different dogs, doctors are excellent.
Wendy Russell
8/15/2022 - Facebook
I took my 15 year old border collie in today for an evaluation and echocardiogram. The staff was friendly and efficient. The doctor took time to review her findings, go over her suggestions. 5 stars.
Terry L.
5 star rating
8/13/2022 - Yelp
We were very pleased with CVCA, staff, doctors and the entire experience. We will recommend you to all that need this level of care. Thank You! The entire staff at CVCA is friendly and caring. Very professional group.
Laura A.
5 star rating
8/12/2022 - Yelp
Excellent care with kindness - talented group, comfortable facility
Morgan Rider
8/08/2022 - Facebook
Super happy with Dr. Allen's level of examination, care and communication. Reassuring to have Alfie in her care and treatment.
Russell B.
5 star rating
8/05/2022 - Yelp
We came for our annual cardiology checkup for our dog, which is always stressful for us, and they made it a wonderful experience! Lisa was an absolute joy! If it weren't so far for me to come there I'd bring my dogs up there for everything because she was so amazing to work with, it really was the highlight of the day! Everything was right on time, quick, and efficient, it was one of the best vet visits I've ever had.